I’ve been bit by the designer bug…

… and the effect has been fast and furious.

I have been working on this pattern for weeks. Finally, as of today, the pattern is getting ready to go out to testers. Ever since I learned to crochet, I have always wondered what it would feel like to create my own design, what it would feel like for people all over to create something of my own invention. I have spent weeks counting stitches, frogging and remaking the rectangles, looking for the perfect combination to create the perfect pattern.

Featured imageToday, I finally put out a tester call. I am ready for judgment time; for other crochet enthusiasts like me to look at my work and give me their feedback; from someone outside my overthinking brain to count the stitches I spent months counting myself, to read my instructions and tell me if the maniacal ramblings that go on in my head make sense for someone else. For someone to validate my wish to become a crochet designer.

Now, I wait. I wait for the brave souls who will test this pattern for me. While, to some, this may be just a blanket, this is a stepping stone for me, a beginning of new things, of better times to come.

Will you wait with me?


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